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Unhackability Assessment

Take the Unhackability Assessment© to discover how hackable you are in work and life. This assessment is 100% confidential, and your answers will provide you with a customized Unhackability Score. GET STARTED NOW

Discussion Guide

Books should be discussed, not simply ingested.  This beautiful PDF is designed for groups of all kinds. Through 15 carefully crafted questions, readers of all ages will enjoy taking a deeper dive into Elixir content.

These open-ended questions will stimulate compelling conversations surrounding a future world that's nearer than you might imagine.  Click here to get started:  DISCUSSION GUIDE

Free Chapters

Everything can be hacked.  Even the truth.  Will this fact set Sienna free or plunge her into an even bigger lie?

Follow the journey of Sienna as she seeks to uncover the truth about SWARM. Download your free chapters today.  Click here to get started: FREE CHAPTERS

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Are you getting hacked? Ever have an amazing idea? If you're like most people then you started out excited, ready to implement your idea. But then something happened. Chances are you and your dream got sidelined somewhere along the way.

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